Donna L. Noren

Donna L. Noren

Closer/Licensed Title Agent

My name is Donna L. Noren, I have been a Licensed Title Agent and Closing Officer since April of 2023. I have been happily married for 11 years and all together we have six beautiful children from ages 21- 35.   Even though we are empty nesters we still have our 3 wonderful pups, Marlee, Cody and Belle.  Who keep us very young.

I started my career in Title over 20 years ago working for a New York Attorney who owned a title company and a mortgage company. I stayed with this company for over 5 years. I worked in many attorney offices and Title companies for many more years to gain experience.

When the market crashed in 2006, I had to pursue another avenue other than title. I went back to school and got my Medical and Billing and Coding License. After I received my License, I worked in the medical field for many years. This was quite different then Title, but I loved helping people. I needed to go back to my passion, so we moved to South Carolina.  This is where I got to work for an attorney doing title work. I processed the files from the beginning to the closing. I have gained so much experience from working in NY to the Carolinas and now the sunshine state.

Both my husband and I moved here to Ocala and bought a beautiful home in Ocala to be close to his birth mom that he found through 23 and Me.  His mother was moving to the Villages, so we moved here to be closer to her. Unfortunately, she passed away suddenly, but we had six beautiful months with her. My husband was able to really get to know her.

Working here in Florida has been a wonderful experience. Florida allowed me to get my title license and be able to do the closings myself. Being familiar with the entire closing process from start to finish has helped me be extremely comfortable communicating and dealing with all parties of the closing process.   Especially conducting the closings. I also have my notary license in 3 different states.  Since coming to Florida, I have been with a few title companies and working for Marion Title & Escrow has been such an amazing experience. I have learned so much from all the wonderful and kind people in the office. I have been looking all my life for a work family and I have found it here.