Kailey Rutherford

Kailey Rutherford


Kailey Rutherford is a processor with Marion Title and Escrow Company and has lived in Florida all her life. She joined our company about 2 years ago in hopes of learning more in the Title Insurance Industry and has contributed positively to the company’s development. She has many years of experience with customer service and aspires to learn more when it comes to real estate.

Kailey is confident that working under many experienced and knowledgeable individuals will help her in her future to do more with real estate. She has become a trusted individual as she has helped assist closing agents in the closing process so many new homeowners can feel satisfied with the experience.

Now a State Certified Notary, she hopes this is a good step towards learning more with documentation and knowing more about the ins and outs of the industry. She also has developed great knowledge of technology and is a great support in walking clients through the process with ease. She strives to give the client a better understanding of the process and make it as stress-free as possible.

Kailey enjoys the time she has taken to explore the title insurance industry and helping others in the future with their title insurance needs.